Learn how 2 ski

The app that will turn you into your own ski instructor!

In order to perfect your skiing skills, you don't necessarily have to hit the slopes. With the "Learn how 2 Ski" app, you can improve your knowledge and technique, from the basics of skiing to Expert Level 3, and all from the comfort of your own sofa.

The numerous videos are based on standard training approaches used at Austrian ski schools, including lots of helpful tips and tricks.
Learning to ski has never been so easy!      

Basic skiing techniques will be explained to you and you will learn to take your first steps out in the snow. After completing the first chapter, with a little bit of practice you'll soon be able to successfully master your first turns on snow.

After mastering the basics, you will then learn how to handle parallel turns. It will also build up your ability to make tight turns, a skill which is vital whenever you need to negotiate narrower sections of the piste.

This is definitely the chapter for more athletic skiers. From short, sharp turns to race carving, you will learn how to slice your way quickly down the pistes. This chapter is also ideal preparation for off-piste adventures as well as the giant slalom.

Foundations of Skiing
This chapter focuses on the theory of skiing and the sport's anatomical requirements.

Technique Program
This chapter is ideally suited if you want to solidify the techniques you have already picked up in one of the previous courses and you wish to develop fluid motions.

Complete information about the app can be found at learnhow2ski.com