The first Alpine Coaster in Salzburger Land: the "Maisiflitzer"

If you like speed, you'll definitely want to take on the Maisiflitzer. An exhilarating ride on the most spectacular Alpine Coaster in Salzburger Land promises pure adrenaline and excitement.

Come rain or shine – the Maisiflitzer always promises an exciting ride!

As the light turns to green, it'll be time to tighten your buckle and get ready for a wild-but-safe ride. Traveling down a track on rails, you will reach speeds of as much as 40 km/h as you hurtle towards the valley below. For added nerve-tingling excitement, the course includes waves, jumps and even five loops. At its highest point, the track is actually 11 meters above the ground. Enormous fun for big and small alike!
The start and finish of the coaster are right next to the Schaufelberg car park by the amusement park.

The Alpine Coaster Maisiflitzer is open year-round daily - including in winter!

Safe, fun coaster rides

A seat shell with backrest, a safety belt and modern eddy-current brakes (brake levers are mounted on both sides) guarantee the greatest possible comfort and safety. In March 2018, all 54 toboggans of the Maisiflitzer were replaced by new, electronically controlled sledges. An automatic distance control prevents unintentional driving up and this ensures more safety.

Children ages 3 to 7 may only ride when accompanied by a person over 8 years of age! Children ages 8 and up are permitted to ride one of the coasters on their own.

Facts & Figures: 

  • Length of the track up to the top: 730 meters
  • Length of the track for the ride back down: 1300 meters
  • Highlights: bridges, waves, 5 jumps and 5 banked loops
  • Total ride time: ca. 12 minutes
  • Speed: up to 40 km/h (regulated by each of the passengers themselves)